Facing heater issues in the middle of the winter is not a pleasurable experience. However, if your heater turns off on its own every time you turn it on, it can be because of several problems that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost. 

Before you seek heating repair in Eden Prairie, there are a few things you can troubleshoot yourself to get a temporary fix. 

A Few Common Reasons Why Your Heater Keeps Switching Off:

  • Flame Sensors Might Be Dirty

Dirty flame sensors are a common reason behind your furnace shutting down suddenly. fLame sensors detect whether pilot lights are working correctly or not. You may clean this yourself but be very careful as these are delicate parts of the furnace. If you’re not confident about undertaking the task, hesitate no more and call for a heating service in Chaska MN.

  • Furnace Filters Might Be Dirty. 

Dirty air filters are also notorious for causing your furnace to shut down suddenly. Over time your air filter accumulates dirt and debris, which must be cleaned regularly. In addition, dirty air filters make it difficult to pass through them, making the furnace work hard. When the furnace has to work, it heats up twice as much, and its safety feature commands it to shut down to avoid damage. Keep your air filters clean and have them replaced at frequent intervals.  

  • The Thermostat Might Be Malfunctioning. 

It’s easy to forget to adjust the settings for your thermostat when the season changes. If your furnace does not blow hot air or the heater won’t start, try adjusting the thermostat and bringing the temperature to its highest value. You should hear a click sound indicating the furnace has begun operation. Henceforth, adjust the temperature as you desire.

  • The Thermocouple Might Be Broken or Malfunctioning. 

A thermocouple sensor tells whether the pilot switch is on or not. Your thermocouple shuts off the gas valve when your pilot switch goes off. This is a safety feature that keeps your household from the risk of gas leaks. However, an improper thermocouple will turn off the gas valve making your furnace switch off abruptly. Only an expert can solve such problems.

  • The Condensate Pan Might Be Full.

After the furnace heats your rooms and is switched off, the liquid cools down, condenses, and drains onto a pan which drains the condensate away. Sometimes the line between the condensate pan and the drain can get clogged over time, filling up the pan. Your furnace has a safety feature that switches it off if the condensate pan is full. Having your drain line cleaned can solve this problem and bring your furnace back to regular operation. 

  • The Blower Motor Is Not Working.

A Blower motor pushes air from your furnace through the vents and into your rooms. If the blower motor is dirty or is malfunctioning, your furnace will stop working to avoid overheating and causing a cascade of other issues. Has your blower motor been checked by a company dealing in heating and cooling in Chaska, MN?

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