In the middle of a Minnesota heatwave, it is normal for air conditioning and other types of cooling units to work longer. This is because the temperature outside is constantly fluctuating. To maintain the temperature in your home, the unit has to work longer. 

Most contractors who provide AC installation in Chaska, MN, agree that AC cycles usually last 15-20 minutes, even on a hot day. However, this does not mean that your air conditioner should be working non-stop. 

Why is this happening?

Restricted airflow is the most common reason why air conditioners have longer cycles or don’t stop working. If the condenser coil or the air filters in your unit are clogged or blocked, then your unit isn’t generating cool air. Since this cool air is not generated, it isn’t detected by the sensors, and your unit is working continuously.

You should call for an AC Repair in Eden Prairie, MN, to do a thorough check. However, there is a DIY fix for this. You can solve this issue by cleaning both your coils and the air filter inside your unit.

How do you clean the coils?

Given below is the five-step cleaning technique followed by 90% of the AC services in Chaska, MN.

  1. Turn off the power supply and opened the back hatch of your unit and locate the coil. Take a piece of cardboard and place it under these coils.
  2. Using a stiff-bristle brush, gently brush the excess dirt on the coils. Make sure you do not apply excessive force. 
  3. Once the coils are relatively clean, spray the foam soap or industrial foam on the coil. Make sure to cover each visible inch of the coil.
  4. Let the foam rest for 15-20 minutes before wiping it off with tissues or towels. If your unit has appropriate drainage, you can also use a water hose to remove the soap suds.
  5. Repeat this process until the tissues come clean. Let the unit dry out completely before closing the hatch and turning on the unit. It can take around 45 minutes to an hour to dry. 

How do you clean air filters?

To clean air filters, you will first have to remove them from the air conditioning unit. These cannot be cleaned while they are inside the unit. Once you have removed the air filters, you can clean them with your choice of soap and water. 

However, remember not to use extreme pressure to clean the filter; otherwise, it may cause damage to the soft filter.

While various DIY videos are available online, we recommend calling a contractor that provides AC service in Chaska, MN, to get a demonstration and training. This will save you any long-term expenses in case you try any wrong DIY.

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