Is your heating system leaking water? While this might sound odd, a furnace leaking water is a specific problem that can occur at any time. Hence if you inspect your heater to see water pooling around your machine, you must need attention from an expert for furnace repair in Chaska, MNright away. It is because sometimes, even a timely servicing or component replacement is more than enough to get your furnace back in top working condition. 

Reasons your heating system is leaking water.

Mentioned hereunder are some common reasons your heating system is leaking water. 

1. Dusty Air Filters.

Dusty air filters can cause the airflow to get restricted, and the evaporator coils in the furnace freeze. In addition, when the heating system gets turned off, the ice on the evaporator coils melt and might result in overflowing. Hence to steer clear of all these issues, you must keep your air filters clean and replace them frequently every three to four months.

2. Obstructed or Broken Condensation Drainpipe.

Over time, just like the furnace air filter, your condensation duct can get muddy and obstructed with dirt, mildew, foul sludge from the condensate pan, etc., making it hard for the water to run out the drain. It sometimes results in backlog in the ducts and consequent leaking of water. In addition, sometimes, these drain pipe dampers can also water leak from your heating system. 

3. Cracked Condensate Pump.

Most of the time, the water needs to get drawn out to the higher area if the heating system gets located in the cellar. If this condensate pump does not accurately get installed, collapsed, or cracked, the water will run back into your machine and cause leakage.

4. Low Refrigerant Levels.

Low refrigerant levels will create low stress in your heating unit, and similar to what occurs with a filthy air filter, the evaporator coil in your furnace will end up freezing. Then again, when it thaws, it creates flooding. Hence when such an issue arises, it is advisable to call experts to replace or repair your heating unit. 

5. Defective Unit.

If novice experts install your heating unit, it can create issues in the extended run. For example, it can remain installed at an edge, turned inwards, which can create the backflow of water in your furnace, resulting in leaks. 

6. It Damaged the Condensate Pan.

Another sign you need to reach out to an expert for heating repair in Eden Prairie is when your heating system’s condensate pan is cracked or damaged. These condensate pans can get damaged, form oxidation, or in some cases, tear or get holes. While the condensate pans in your heating system are pretty durable, if this happens, they might leak water and require costly repairs. 

To sum up, we package say that when your heating system leaks water, there can be numerous reasons behind it. Looking for dependable experts for your maintenance, replacement, or furnace services in Eden Prairie, look no further than Encore Heating and Air. 

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