It can be quite a challenge to survive the harsh days of winters in Minneapolis without a well-functioning heating system. Unfortunately, putting up with the unforgiving weather isn’t an option. However, you could still try and fix the problem on your own before scheduling furnace services in Eden Prairie

Here are several things you can do before you reach out to services providing heating and cooling in Chaska, MN:

Check The Thermostat Settings.

As obvious as it seems, improper thermostat settings are quite often the reason heaters don’t work. That is why we recommend checking the thermostat before presuming that the furnace might be at fault. 

  • Replace The Air Filters

Accumulation of dirt on filters is another reason for furnace troubles. Dirt-clogged filters can cause the heat exchangers to overheat and shut off. The dirty filters can also create soot buildup on the heat exchanger, thus decreasing the furnace efficiency.

  • Clean The Exhaust Vents

Sometimes, leaves and debris might block the exhaust vents of the furnace. Replacing the screen mesh on pipes with half-inch mesh hardware cloth is an excellent way to avoid clogging the vents.

However, the accumulation of ice in the exhaust vents is a more challenging problem that will require reaching out to furnace repair Chaska MN.

  • Clear The Drain Lines

When the heating season is on, the furnace can unload a large amount of water per day. However, sedimentation and mold growth in the drain lines can obstruct the drain lines, causing the furnace to stop working. 

In such cases, we recommend cleaning the drain hose with a mixture of bleach and water. 

  • Check For Gaps In The Ductwork.

If the airflow isn’t satisfactory, look for gaps in the ductwork between branching points. If you encounter a passage, seal it with the help of metal duct tape. 

Besides the points mentioned, there are many other ways to perform troubleshooting before you schedule professional service for HAVC service Eden Prairie.

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