No matter how expensive the air conditioner you buy, it will wear out after some years, and you will have to buy a new one. Once you buy your new air conditioner, your technician will install it at the place of the old one. But have you wondered what steps are involved when a new air conditioner is being installed? Schedule the services of AC Replacement in Eden Prairie  and the surrounding areas.

Roughly there are four steps involving this installation. Here, we shall describe these four steps to you.

The First Step:

It is removing your old system. In this step, the installer will carefully remove the old system so that the new one can come in its place. The installer will take care of any mess or debris created during the removal of the old system and may also dispose of it off. The installer will also check for any faults in your existing cooling infrastructure and will repair those.

The Second Step:

The installation of the new system begins in the second step. According to the needs of your new system, your installer may make some changes and modifications to your current ductwork connections. The installer will check all the electrical connections for any faults and will test the system. 

The Third Step:

This step involves the thermostat. If you wish to keep your old thermostat, you can do so. But if you want to have a new thermostat installed, it will come with the new system, and your installer will do so at the same time. If you want to get a new thermostat system installed, your installer will do so. You can also fix another visit with the installer. Your installer will teach you about the working of the thermostat properly before leaving.

The Fourth Step:

Once these three steps are done, the last step involves the final checking of the whole system. The installer will check everything once again to ensure there are no faults anywhere. The installer will also tell you about some basic methods to take care of the minor faults yourself. You can book your new system’s first maintenance and service at the same time or later. Your installer will inform you about how many times this system needs servicing so that you would not have to worry about it.

Buying a new system is easy. You have to select the features you want your new system to have, and you can choose one from the many options. The hard part is the installation of the system. We do not need to know the installation process details, but one should know the basic steps involved in the process and schedule the AC Repair in Eden Prairie.

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