A gas furnace is an essential component of any household, and investing in the right one that suits your needs and house’s capacity can make all the difference. Get in touch with the best heating repair in Eden Prairie to understand your requirements better.

Furnaces are of many types, and they can be classified based on various aspects. However, before buying a furnace, a vital classification that you must consider is its burner operation. 

Types of Furnace 

Based on their burner operation, furnaces have three main types:

1. Single-stage furnace

Single-stage means that the furnace has two settings: On and Off. As the temperature in your room drops below the desired setpoint, the furnace turns on, and as soon as it reaches the setpoint, it automatically turns off. Contact a furnace service in Eden Prairie, to know more about such furnaces.

2. Two-stage furnace

Two-stage furnaces further provide greater flexibility in power output. For example, they can operate at partial capacity and total capacity. In addition, it makes them more energy-efficient than single-stage furnaces, as you can keep control over how much energy gets consumed. 

3. Modulating furnace

Modulating furnaces can vary their energy usage and heat output according to the temperature of your house and your needs. However, it runs continuously and maintains a consistent supply of low heat so that the temperatures never go below or even reach lower numbers. 

Benefiṭś of a Modulating Furnace 

Modulating furnaces allows greater operational freedom and proves to be more efficient than the other furnaces in many ways:

1. They maintain temperatures throughout the day

Modulating furnaces are designed to keep running and provide steady heat throughout the day. Unlike single-stage furnaces, they are not designed to turn on or off at their will. This is because the period between their switching back on can make your room very cold, thus making you uncomfortable. 

2. They consume less energy.

Although they run constantly, modulating furnaces consume less energy since they do not have to run at total capacity to provide the same level of heating. Stage furnaces consume massive amounts of energy when they turn on and run at their total capacity to provide instant heating. It makes them not so energy efficient. Modulating furnace keeps drawing a low amount of energy as it is designed to maintain a specific temperature through a constant operation. 

3. They improve the quality of air.

As they run for a long duration, they also filter out dirt, germs, and pollen continuously throughout the day. So it would help if you did everything you could to keep the air inside your rooms as clean as possible, especially during the airborne covid pandemic. 

Companies that provide a heating replacement in Eden Prairie, can tell you more about the benefits of such furnaces.

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