There is no place like home. At home, you can unwind and be free from all your worries. Nothing can match the comfort of your house. It is possible because your HVAC system makes sure you are safe from the scorching heat or the biting cold. To ensure this, you always make sure you get the best heating replacement in Eden Prairie

Make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently. Let us tell you how.

Check SEER rating

SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is used to measure the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit. When the ratio of your ACs cooling output over a typical cooling season is divided by the amount of energy it utilizes in watts-per-hours, you get the SEER of your AC. Usually, the SEER rating is mentioned on the AC or can be found in the user manual. 

The average SEER rating of any modern AC is between 13-22. Older units may show a lower rating which may dip down to 8 or 9. The efficiency is determined by the range of the rating, which should always be high.    

AFUE rating

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency(AFUE) rating is the measure of the efficiency of the furnace and is the ratio of the total annual fossil fuel energy burned compared to the furnace’s annual heat output. AFUE ratings, which range above 90%, are considered to be highly efficient energy and money-wise. The minimum standard of AFUE rafting should not go below 78%.

Energy Star Certification

The Energy Star program helps its customers in identifying products that are cost-efficient and are safe for the environment. The energy star guidelines specify that your AC must have at least 14.5 SEER. The AFUE from gas and oil furnaces should be 90% and at least 85 %, respectively. 

This way, you can save up to 20% or more on your energy while contributing to an environmental cause as well. Our central HVAC services in Chaska MN, ensure the best ratings for you.

Proper maintenance 

As the HVAC gets older, its energy efficiency goes down. Higher energy bills, frequent repairs, hot and cold spots, and an increase in humidity in the house also indicate a lack of efficiency of the system. Long life and better efficiency of the system can be ensured through regular maintenance. Whenever the HVAC requires maintenance, feel free to call up the professionals and let them have a look at the HVAC system. Having the best HVAC repair in Chaska MN, and furnace services in Eden Prairie we ensure that you get the best service on priority.

An efficient HVAC system not only ensures the best of comfort for you in your space but is also pocket-friendly. It also the saves energy and the energy bill that comes with it. 

We offer you the best AC service in Chaska MN and ensure that you have the best services in the comfort of your house. Having trouble with your HVAC, worry not give us a call at (952) 592 5409 or email us at for the best furnace repair Chaska MN at the most affordable prices.