Minneapolis winters can be pretty cold with freezing winds and occasional snow. In such harsh conditions, you want to ensure that your heater is up and running. Whether you are doing a gasoline furnace or heat pump, your heater might not turn on for many reasons. Knowing the most common causes behind the heater’s malfunction can help you decide if the problem can be fixed without spending on HVAC repair in Chaska, MN.

Here Are The Eight Most Common Reasons For Your Heater Not Turning On:

  • Inadequate Maintenance

Lack of sufficient maintenance is said to account for the majority of service calls to HVAC companies. Therefore, homeowners should regularly clean the air filters, blower motors, flame sensors, and burners. Maintenance will also prevent the need for frequent replacement of parts.

  • Excessive Gas

Too much gas in the equipment can cause it to stop working. That happens due to improper calibration during the installation process. Improper calibration could result in overheating because of burning too much gas. Therefore, furnace manufacturers recommend a specific gas level. 

  • Insufficient Refrigerant

In the case of a heat pump, if the heat strips in your equipment come on more frequently, it might be a sign of low refrigerant levels. Insufficient refrigerant levels will produce outrageously high energy bills. Therefore, we recommend that you check the heat strip status regularly during winters. Infrequent heat strips recharge the refrigerant levels by scheduling Central HVAC Services Chaska in MN.

  •  Capacitor Failure

The capacitor turns on the furnace according to the thermostat setting. The capacitor has specific tolerance levels that need to be maintained for the optimum performance of the blower and hence of the whole unit. Scheduling regular heating tuneups in Chaska, MN, can help maintain the capacitor’s proper tolerance levels.

  • Failure of Starting Components

Failure in the starting components in the heat pump can hinder the turning on of the indoor or outdoor unit, necessitating replacements. However, adequate maintenance and regular inspection can help avoid costly HVAC repairs in Chaska, MN.

  • Faulty Inducer Draft Motor

An inducer draft motor helps in clearing excess gas during the combustion process. Burning out of a faulty inducer motor due to pulling high amps can cause the furnace to shut down. By scheduling regular HVAC Contractor Chaska, MN, you can ensure proper inducer motor operation.

  • Inaccurate Ductwork

Proper ductwork installation requires a lot of hard work and precision from the HVAC service person. Failure in accomplishing accurate ductwork installation can lead to overheating and system failure in the long run. 

  • Damaged Ignition

While modern furnaces use electrical ignition switches, older systems employ pilot lights. In both cases, a damaged ignition can cause the furnace to stop working. 

Besides the eight reasons mentioned, other factors might play a role in heater malfunction, such as improper calibration of the thermostat and fault in the circuit breaker. That is why we recommend checking the thermostat and circuit breaker before scheduling a Heating and Cooling Chaska MN.

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