With the winter season fast approaching, a furnace is crucial for warmth and survival. We would still be huddling over wood burners to stay warm if it didn’t exist. Unfortunately, furnaces require regular expert tune-ups as well as homeowner maintenance to work effectively and efficiently. 

Furnaces, even with regular maintenance, can break down and develop difficulties that restrict standard operation. This is why it is vital to call experts for furnace services in Eden Prairie to keep your heating systems in an accurate condition. 

Common Furnace Troubleshooting Problems 

Before calling in the specialists for furnace repair in Chaska, MNlook over this furnace debugging methods if your furnace is acting weird or refusing to turn on.

Examine the Furnace Filter

The initial thing you should see is the air filter. Furnace filters become clogged over time. Dirt and dust can easily block the filter, impeding airflow, deteriorating indoor environmental quality, and, in some cases, preventing the furnace from turning on. Due to the high dust and filth, it potentially constitutes a fire risk and causes early breakdowns. 

Examine the Thermostat.

Check the thermostat after ensuring that your heating filter is clean and correctly placed. Make sure it’s configured to “heat,” and attempt to set it at least 5 points higher than the current ambient temperature. Reinstall the thermostat’s cells if necessary. 

If you have an electrical thermostat, you may need to open it up and dust it gently. Wipe off dirt and dust with a delicate paintbrush or something similar, paying close attention to the metal coils and contact plates. If your brush is too big, try a soft bit of paper.

Examine the Furnace Switch and the Electrical Board.

Examine the furnace switch, which remains positioned near the furnace. It’s possible that someone mistakenly turned it off. Try turning it back on. If that fails, proceed to the electrical panel. 

Next, check if there is sufficient electricity at the circuit or fuse box, the HVAC circuit gets turned on, and the breaker box gets labeled accurately. Even if you don’t have any markings, look for the breaker switch opposite the others. That is the breaker you want to re-energize together with the others.

Examine the Furnace Fire.

Your furnace fire should be a solid blue color, with possibly a slight yellowish tip. The blue flame betokens that your gas furnace is burning the fuel securely and efficiently. 

Consult a professional immediately if the flame is red, yellow, purple, green, or any other hue other than blue. Never try to change the color of your furnace’s flame on your own.

Ensure that all Vents and Registers are Free and Unblocked.

Your furnace may be working, but your rooms aren’t getting enough heat or ventilation. Examine your entire house for supply and return grills. They must all be completely open and unobstructed. Make sure there are no carpets, furniture, or other obstructions to the movement of air.

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