With summer approaching, so does the discomfort of heat, sweat and humidity, which can be unbearable. It is observed that high humidity makes the heat even more unbearable.

Fortunately, we have modern technology that reduces the humidity, conveniently known as air conditioners. AC systems have proven to remove heat and humidity to condition the air inside the house. If your AC is unable to do so, Look for AC repair Chaska MN.

How does an air conditioner dehumidify air?

  • Many homeowners believe that air conditioners can only provide chill air according to the thermostat settings. 
  • There’s no doubt that it is the main purpose of ac systems, but apart from chilling air, it also removes moisture. 
  • Usually, modern HVAC systems are considered to be more effective for regulating humidity. 
  • The HVAC unit consists of an evaporator coil that is used to condense water vapour from the air.
  • The Air conditioning unit absorbs hot air from home and operates the cold evaporator coil to condense the excess moisture present in the air. 
  • Further, it successfully eliminates humidity by trapping and reducing excess moisture from the air.
  • Condensation occurs when hot or moist air in your home comes in contact with the cold evaporator coil. The liquid gets condensed from the air, which in turn reduces the humidity inside the house. 
  • The remaining moisture collected by the evaporator coil leaves to the drain for the outside path, away from your home or office building.

What if your air conditioner isn’t powerful enough?

It’s important to select the right size air conditioner to establish a reduction in humidity and to ensure sufficient cooling cycles for your space. A central air conditioning system requires sufficient power for proper airflow of cooled air throughout your space. 

Our professional HVAC specialist can calculate the required size of your HVAC system according to the size of your home and suitable to the climate zone you live in. Remember that the ac unit must not be too small or too long. 

If the HVAC services is too large, it produces a short cycle with the compressor that runs insufficient to dehumidify the entire building. Contrarily, if your HVAC system is too small, it lacks the power to maintain the comfortable temperature of your house during the extreme summer and winter months.

Adding Dehumidifier 

If you inform that your AC unit is struggling with high humid temperatures during the summer, adding a dehumidifier is a prominent solution. The dehumidifier will enhance your air conditioner with maximum removal of excess moisture, increasing the indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers offer better, cooler and dryer airflow. 

Almost all modern air conditioning units are designed to manage humidity to maintain comfort in a room. This summer, don’t allow the interruption of humid and extreme heat conditions to bother your summer season. Get a replacement or ac repair beforehand.  

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