Air Conditioning Services In Chaska, MN, and Surrounding Areas

Keep the Minnesota heat and humidity out of your house this summer with air conditioning service from Encore Heating and Air. Our A/C expert technicians have years of experience helping homeowners in Chaska, Minnesota, stay cool with safe and efficient equipment. From installing new air conditioning systems to repairing your existing A/C unit, we’ve got you covered.

Signs You May Need HVAC Services or MaintenanceAir Conditioning Services In Chaska, MN, and Surrounding Areas

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system may be trying to warn you there’s a problem ahead. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call AC Replacement in Eden Prairie, at Encore to find out exactly what’s going on and get it fixed:

  • Trouble regulating the temperature
  • Strange noises when the air conditioner turns on or off
  • Increased humidity in the house
  • Air conditioner blows warm air
  • You notice an odor when the A/C is on

Our professional Minnesota air conditioning techs can inspect your system and tell you what’s happening. Then we’ll get the repair or AC maintenance Chaska MN done quickly, and at a reasonable price.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner in Chaska

While no homeowner really looks forward to replacing an air conditioner, sometimes it’s just a fact of life. Modern central air units usually need AC replacement Chaska MN every 10-15 years. Signs that you may need to replace you’re A/C unit include frequent repairs, grinding noises, and higher than usual energy bills (indicating the unit is losing efficiency).

The experts at Encore Heating and Air will recommend a system that is properly sized for your Chaska house and ensure that it is installed correctly for maximum performance and durability.

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Call (952) 529-5409 or contact us online to connect with an air conditioning services Chaska MN, at Encore Heating and Air. We’ll help you and your family keep cool this summer.

AC company Chaska MN is known to be Encore. You can avail of various services like AC maintenance, AC replacement, and AC tune-up Chaska MN.


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