I purchased a small home in the country built in the late 40s that still had a fuel oil furnace. The furnace looked like a small railroad car. When I called Encore Jon came over, and in detailed plain language, he explained what kind of furnace I needed- and explained why he was recommending this specific type of furnace for my older home. It never felt like he was trying to sell me anything, it felt as though he cared about me and my opinions. That is something that has been lost in the service business and was very comforting. Jon gave me different options in different price categories… and actually recommended that I purchase a furnace that wasn’t the most expensive! If I ever have to call Encore with a question, Jon is there to help.
I love the comfort my new furnace brings my family and the comfort I have knowing that Encore is just a call away. I will highly recommend furnace services in Eden Prairie.