A broken air conditioner in hot summers, especially for the people living in an area like Chaska, could be their worst nightmare. On a hot sunny day, if your air conditioner cannot cool your house properly, you can do some things on your part to resolve the problem. 

But the chances are that you might need to give a call to an AC service in Chaska, MN. A professional would be able to help you better because the AC unit is quite complicated machinery.

An unexpected malfunction can be unbearable in the heat. So, if your home is feeling toasty or your air conditioner is showing signs of malfunction, then these might be the reasons:

Refrigerant Problem

The refrigerant in an air conditioner is not used in the same way as that of fuel. It is a closed system. But sometimes, minor leaks can occur. As a result, your air conditioner runs much longer without cooling the place. However, the root cause of the issue might be difficult to find. 

You should never use DIY methods to fix the problem. You can call an AC repair in Chaska, MN , to check and fix the refrigerant leak in such a case.

Wrong AC Size

The most common reason for uneven or zero cooling is the size of your air conditioner. This usually happens when you install an air conditioner in a non-AC space. The HVAC units are designed size-wise for specific areas. It can’t be emphasized enough that buying the right size AC unit is important for efficient cooling. 

So, if your AC is too small for the place, then consider buying a new one instead of spending money on repeated repairs. Get in touch with the AC service providers to get a new AC installation in Chaska, MN.

Thorough Cleaning

Air filters influence your air conditioner’s health. It increases the AC’s shelf life of the air conditioner to a great extent. Accumulated dirt and debris can restrict air passage and reduce cooling. Thus, you should change your air filters regularly.  

Faulty Parts

Another technical reason behind why your AC isn’t cooling the place can be defective parts. This is also common when you shift to new places. The AC unit might need a repair that the early house owners have ignored. Some common parts that need to be replaced could be the compressor, capillary, control board, or main motor. You might be suffering from a warm house because of defects in any of these components. 

Wrong Device Setting

People set their thermostats differently depending upon their preferences. Try keeping your device on “Auto” instead of “On”. The “On” setting lets the fan blow even after the required temperature is achieved. The warm air blown out can prevent your home from cooling.

If you want to get your AC unit checked for any repairs or replacement, try our AC Company in Chaska, MN. Give us a call, or drop us an email at jon@callencoreheating.com to learn more!